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Symbolon Coachings unlock your professional potential

In order to stay on course in the dynamic world of business, you do your work with passion and dedication. What to do if you temporarily drift off course, lack motivation or simply can’t see the way forward? A Symbolon Coaching is your personal booster for mastering professional challenges even more successfully than before. This coaching unlocks your potential and supports you in taking full advantage of your scope of opportunity and action.


For Human Resources Developers 

Your company should stand out for its solution-oriented and productive approach. Offering employees an individual coaching that is available 24/7 shows your commitment to them. This generates energy for addressing conflicts with a positive attitude, and it also fosters a sense of self-efficacy and solidarity in the company. 

Self-Coaching with our AI Chatbot

The AI chatbot uses Symbolon’s tried and true questioning technique throughout the coaching process and was scientifically evaluated by the University of Hamburg. The Symbolon questioning technique is based on the Symbolon AG’s decades of coaching expertise. With the help of selected artworks, this result-oriented method leads you to new perspectives.

In the reflective and stimulating coaching process, the AI chatbot does not draw on information from the internet. The AI chatbot does not present preformulated advice or solutions. You will see for yourself what suits you best and what you want to do.

The AI prototype was developed by the Educational Technology lab at the  German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in 2023. The program runs on a DFKI server in Germany.

You can trust the Symbolon AI chatbot:

  • EU data protection compliant: You log in without registration and leave no personal data. The coaching is anonymous.

  • The AI chatbot is not interacting with the open web. The AI chatbot implements the Symbolon questioning technique, proven for 25 years, without errors.

  • You are very focused through written answers and don't get bogged down. You find clarity and a solution for the coaching topic and goal defined in the beginning.

  • Your result will be made available to you in the form of a summary for downloading at the end and will be deleted after closing the URL in the DFKI system.

- Mind Opening Through Art -
Free your mind and
get inspired!

The Symbolon Self-Coaching supports you in recognizing and transforming limiting patterns of thought and action. You will gain inner clarity, a more confident demeanor and a greater sense of self-efficacy. The self-coaching activates inner resources and strengthens you. After the coaching, you will feel lucid, balanced, and focused. 

Use the Symbolon Self-Coaching to move forward professionally! 

Stress & pressure
- what to do?

The lion, the giraffe, and the warthog will help you activate your intuitive knowledge

Tierillustrationen des Symbolon Selbstcoachings

In the Symbolon self-coaching, you will engage with an artwork that shows 14 African animals. In the coaching process, you will choose two animals and put yourself in their place. You will translate your associations with the animals to your work situation. The resulting shift in perspective will help you understand yourself and your professional life in a new, more comprehensive way. 


The animals will help you connect with your intuitive knowledge in a direct, playful approach. You will shift from the mental to the emotional level, where your potentials and resources are easily accessible. In the coaching process, you will recognize the solutions for the most significant points quickly and clearly. 

You will develop new and suitable options for actions you can take immediately. 

Symbolon Self-Coaching online 97,- €

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Is your company going through a process of change or optimization? 

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I have been a fan of the Symbolon coaching method for years. It has helped me a lot myself. I was skeptical if it would translate well to the online realm and combine it with Artificial Intelligence. Now I have tried the #SelfCoaching and am thrilled. It's right on point in terms of content and next level in terms of scalability. It will open up new possibilities and perspectives for many people. A joy. Vamos! 😊

Dr. Matthias Strolz

Impact entrepreneur, author & artist, organizational developer & coach

Dr. Matthias Strolz

The new AI Chatbot supported Symbolon Self-Coaching has been awarded the seal:


by Symbolon AG

Powerful coaching for a brighter future!

The Symbolon AG offers self-coachings as well as coachings for individuals and teams. Since its founding in 1996, Symbolon AG is the world leader in coachings using artworks, symbols, and archetypes.  “Self-reflection for success” is the credo developed by the Symbolon AG’s founder and Liechtenstein native, Christine Kranz, MCC.


The Symbolon AG is headed by  Dr. Friederike Redlbacher. The Symbolon AG team trains professionals such as coaches and trainers. Its trainings are certified by the ICF, the largest coaching association in the world. The Symbolon AG’s network of specialists is active around the world and works in twelve languages.

In 2022/23, the Symbolon Self-Coaching innovation was developed and optimized in cooperation with the Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz (DFKI).

Christine Kranz, MCC Founder & Executive Coach Symbolon AG

Christine Kranz, MCC

Founder & Executive Coach

Symbolon AG

Dr. Friederike Redlbacher CEO Symbolon AG


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