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What do I need to be able to do for Symbolon Self-Coaching?

You must be able to see, read and understand English, and chat on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. That is all. You don't need any other previous knowledge.

What kind of problems do professionals solve with Symbolon Self-Coaching?

The problems are manifold. Some have a conflict with their supervisor, feel underchallenged at work, are annoyed by their colleagues or can't make up their minds. Some want to reduce stress, clarify other causes of tension or find more meaning in their work. Sometimes the coaching goal is "to take the first steps" or "to get along better and to use synergies". Sometimes it's about everything: quitting or staying. The topics covered in Symbolon Self-Coaching are multifaceted.

To start with Symbolon Self-Coaching we recommend to tackle a problem to which you are really looking for a new solution. In Symbolon Self-Coaching you will develop a surprising solution that suits you.

How much does Symbolon Self-Coaching cost?

A Symbolon Self-Coaching of about 55 minutes costs EUR 97,-.
A package with 10 Symbolon Self-Coachings costs EUR 870,-, i.e. you pay 9 coachings of EUR 97,- each and get the tenth one for free.
A package with 100 Symbolon Safari Coachings costs EUR 7.900,-. For companies we also offer individual solutions on request.

What happens with my data?

When you purchase your self-coaching, your data will be processed according to the terms and conditions of Symbolon AG from Liechtenstein. The European Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) applies.
The Symbolon Self-Coaching AI Module is hosted on a server of the Deutschen Forschungszentrums für Künstliche Intelligenz (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence), DFKI) in Germany.
Before logging in, you will be asked with which name you want to be addressed in the coaching. The name you enter in the field will only be stored on your local device and will not be transferred to the DFKI server.
Throughout the entire process of filling out the form, you will not leave any personal data or traces that can be traced back to you. At the end, you can download a summary of the coaching as a PDF.
Your answers will be stored anonymously and will only be used for scientific analysis and further development of the Symbolon Self-Coaching. Your data will not be passed on to third parties.

What happens if my internet goes down and I "fall out" of coaching?

If your internet connection is interrupted - for whatever reason - you can log in again with your code and continue exactly where you left off. Your coaching will be active for a maximum of two hours from the time you log in.

How did Symbolon Self-Coaching come about?

The Symbolon Self-Coaching with AI is a development of Symbolon AG. Christine Kranz, MCC, develops the first concepts already in 2018 based on a customer request. In 2022, the project picks up speed through the collaboration with Dr. Friederike Redlbacher and is redesigned.

In 2022, a cooperation with the Deutschen Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, DFKI) is established. Symbolon AG commissions the Educational Technology Lab of the DFKI to develop the AI prototype.

In 2023, Thomas Moor, illustrator and concept artist, paints the artwork with the animals for the Symbolon Self-Coaching.

The innovative look and beautiful web presence is the result of a dedicated collaboration with the following professionals:


Symbolon Self-Coaching has benefited greatly from the "relentless" and stimulating feedback from our testers during development. Our coaching with AI will continue to be optimized so that the AI can be more and more specific to the needs of the coachees. Development-oriented feedback is always welcome!

Symbolon Self-Coaching was launched in German language in May, 2023. The Launch in English language was in August 2023. Other languages will follow.

All rights are reserved by Symbolon AG.

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