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Scientific Evaluation

Results of the University of Hamburg, Center for Better Work

The AI-supported Symbolon self-coaching has been successfully evaluated!

The AI-supported Symbolon Self-Coaching has been evaluated by the Center for Better Work at the University of Hamburg and has produced amazing results!

In the robust mixed-method study with 75 participants, our approach not only convinced, but exceeded all expectations. The comprehensive 50-page research report paints a clear picture:

Symbolon Self-Coaching can be used effectively for affective self-reflection and is suitable for a wide range of coaching topics in a professional context.

And that's just the beginning! Be inspired by the pioneering results. Take a first look: Evaluation of the University of Hamburg.

We cordially invite you to delve deeper into the findings and discuss them with us. There are two dates to choose from:

  • Tuesday, 21.5., 17:00-17:45 CET Zoom Login
    ID: 847 6760 4080, Code: 343303 (in German)

  • Wednesday, 22.5., 14:00-14:45 CET Zoom Login
    ID: 867 4820 4518, Code: 977003 (in English)

No registration required - just log in and get inspired!


A look at the results of the evaluation

Researchers Dr. Romana Dreyer and Celine Schneller from the Center for Better Work at the University of Hamburg have published the results of the study in a compact summary.

In the 3-minute video, Dr. Friederike Redlbacher, Managing Director of Symbolon AG, describes the summary (in German).

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