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After purchase you will receive an email with the login for the access codes. You will receive one code per coaching. The access codes are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

When your employees or colleagues want to start a coaching session, they log in with one of the access codes. The ten coaching sessions can also take place at the same time. To the login.


The right number of coachings

If you are more than 10 people in the team, book self-coaching for individuals accordingly.

Instead of 10 individual codes, you would rather have a team code with 10 units on it? We also offer individual solutions:

10 Self-Coachings with AI Chatbot – Package for Teams / Groups

VAT Included
  • An innovative, interactive self-coaching tool awaits you. The specially trained AI chatbot adjusts to your needs, inspires you to think and supports you in your professional growth.

    The Symbolon Self-Coaching supports you in recognizing and transforming limiting patterns of thought and action. You will gain inner clarity, a more confident demeanor and a greater sense of self-efficacy. After the coaching, you will feel lucid, balanced, and focused.

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